Feb 10, 2009

::Rafflesia In Sabah::


Rafflesia Tengku-Adlinii Salleh & Latiff

Rafflesia Pricei Meijer

Rafflesia Keithii Meijer

Sabah is lucky because this state is where the Rafflesia live. There are 3 types of Rafflesia that can be found in Sabah:

1. Rafflesia keithii Meijer

2. Rafflesia pricei Meijer

3. Rafflesia tengku-adlinii Salleh & Latiffcentre

You all can find and see Rafflesia alive at Rafflesia Center. There are several known sites, such as Poring Hot Springs at the Kinabalu Park which are fairly accessible. But one particular place where this unique flower, especially Rafflesia Pricei species occur extensively is a 386 acres Tambunan Rafflesia Reserve which is sited in a forest reverse consisting of a mixture of temperate oaks, chestnut type and highland dipterocarps forest.

The Tambunan Rafflesia Reserve is located conveniently by the roadside of Kota Kinabalu/Tambunan Highways and is only 58km from Kota Kinabalu. At the entrance of this reserve is a Rafflesia Information Centre.