Feb 22, 2009


Islands & Beaches of Malaysia
Absolutely Amazing!

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"You really have to visit the Amazing Islands and Beaches of Malaysia
to truly appreciate its natural Beauty!"

The Beaches of Malaysia are among the most beautiful in the world. With its Equatorial climate, the soft, smooth, sandy beaches attract thousands of touristsfrom all over the world almost the whole year round. Blessed with hundreds of kilometres of golden beaches, Malaysia has a diverse selection of beaches and island resorts for tourists to choose from.

Each with their own unique appeal and beauty, the beaches of Malaysia never fail to captivate the hearts of the tourists who visit them.

Many of Malaysia's beaches are found nestling in secluded islands and coves, making them the ideal place for those seeking a peaceful vacation, away from the hectic lives they normally lead. Water activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving areaplenty for those who crave adventure, but for those who are seeking relaxation, the alternative would be to apply some sunscreen, grab a beach towel and enjoy soaking up the sun.

As your travel guide to Malaysia, allow me to share with you some of the most beautiful beaches in Malaysia. I don't think I can possibly cover all the Islands and beaches around Malaysia (there are just to many of them!), but I'll do my best to make the list as comprehensive as possible so that you'd have a better overall picture of all the amazing beaches in Malaysia. I believe this would be able to help you make a better choice as to which beach or island you would want to visit when you're in Malaysia.

I'll also include my top recommendations and a list of my favourite beaches and islands in Malaysia (they'll appear with a Green-colored heading). And just for your information, the word for Island in the Malay language is Pulau and the word for Beach is Pantai.