Feb 12, 2009


FM from My Hubby

Malacca - Historical City

It is traditionally believed that the history of Malaysia began with the founding of Malacca in 1400 by Parameswara, a Sumatran prince. Thereafter, the state flourished under the Malacca Sultanate and eventually became the region's largest emporium attracting traders from as far as China, India, Arabia and Europe. Malacca came under successive colonial eras when it was conquered by the Portuguese in 1511, followed by Dutch rule in 1641 before the British took over in 1824. All these foreign influences have over the years transformed the state into a cultural melting pot. The Portuguese and Peranakan communities have until today remained a distinctive featUre of society in Malacca. In the light of its rich historical past, Malacca has been officially declared the 'Historical City of Malaysia'. Famous historical sites in the state include the A Famosa, Stadthuys, St. Paul's Church, St. John's Fort and the Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat mausoleums. The Cultural Museum, an elaborate reconstruction of the ancient palace of the Malacca Sultanate, provides fascinating insights into Melaka's glorious past. The nightly Light and Sound Show at "Padang Pahlawan" (Warriors' Field) re-enacts in dramatic fashion, the state's historical past.

Antique lovers will find Jonker Street with its myriad of shops to be an intriguing place to hunt and bargain for treasures of the past. Beyond the appeal of its historical past, Malacca offers a wide range of sights and leisure activities for a truly worthwhile holiday. Pulau Besar and Pulau Upeh are two popular island retreats easily accessible from Malacca. While in Malacca, enjoy an exciting experience of the city on a tnshaw or take a bullock cart ride for the fun of it. Sample the mouth-watering culinary mix of nyonya and Portuguese dishes and other local delicacies. Ayer Keroh, just outside the city of Malacca, is situated in a vast forest reserve, and is a major tourist recreational spot.Attractions here nelude the Malacca Zoo, Mini Malaysia, Mini ASEAN, a golf resort, hotels, a butterfly farm and a crocodile farm.