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::Genting Highlands::


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Genting Highlands, just 54km north of Kuala Lumpur, is a fairly recent hill development. Its concept is very different from other hill resorts. Perched at 2000 meters above sea level along the Pahang/Selangor border on the Ulu Kali mountain range, Genting Highlands offers an exciting range of activities that are fun, fast-paced, and entertaining. Termed as the 'City of Entertainment', the resort is popular with day trippers and visitors seeking to indulge their senses in a realm of fantasy around the clock.

Genting Highlands was founded in 1965 by business tycoon, Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong, who initially acquired the land for the development of the hotel and resort activities. Over the years as the resort became popular, a wide range of entertainment, leisure, recreational and sporting facilities as well as hotels, condominiums, apartment and camping facilities, were added. The resort comprises attraction at different elevations in the vicinity of Goh Tong Jaya, a township named after the founder. At the peak lies Genting Theme Park and Casino De Genting while lower down, at around 1000 meters above sea level, is the Awana Golf Course, Awana Horse Ranch and the Awana Eco Park, all of which offer a variety of pursuits for the visitor.

What To See and Do
Genting Theme Park
The Genting Theme Park is made up of indoor and outdoor attractions.

Attractions at the Indoor Theme Park:
" Skill games, computerized as well as coin-operated
" Space Odyssey 2020-not for the faint-hearted, this unnerving ride takes one on a voyage of discovery in space. There are health, height, age and other boarding restrictions.
" Motion Master Simulator enables you to experience action in films such as Smash Factory without leaving you seat.
" Fun House, Malaysia's first 3-D dome theatre
" Around the World Train Ride. Visitors get to see major landmarks of the world as well as animated figurines dressed in their national costumes.

The Outdoor Theme Park offers a range of exciting rides:
" The Corkscrew Roller Coaster
" The Cyclone, Roller Coaster
" Giant Mechanical Caterpillar. A slow ride through the outdoor theme park on an elevated track.
" The Flying Dragon, a family-oriented fun ride
" Genting Gold Mine, a ride on a runaway mine train
" Grand Prix. Racer's delight
" Cable Car Ride. A joy ride in a cable car offering a bird's eye view of the theme park attractions below
" Magic Carpet. A magical experience for thrill-seekers!

Skyway Cable Car Ride
An alternative to get to the summit of Genting Highlands apart from taking the bus or driving all the way up is to take the Skyway cable car at its station located a short distance before the Awana Golf and Country Resort. The 20-minutes, non-stop cable car ride, ascending from 914 metres to 1768 metres, provide sweeping views.

For abseilers, a series of 12 abseiling stations are positioned on the Awana Hill Park. Multiple abseiling such as tandem abseiling, triabs, and foursome can be held at each station.

Mountain Biking
Within the park are mountain biking trails which include a recreational trail, scenic hill trail, jungle trail and the golf course trail.

Carved out of a ridge at 950 metres above sea level is an award-winning 18-hole golf course at the Awana Golf & Country Club. The 6155 meter par-71 golf course poses a variety of challenges to the golfer. Fifty-seven bunkers and several ponds and lakes dot the undulating grounds which puts one's fitness to the test. The most dramatic is the par-3, fourth hole which offers five different teeing positions, which are 18 meters apart. Green fees are RM10 on weekdays and RM80 on weekends. Caddy fees are RM15-RM10 per 18-holes.
There is also mini Golf and a driving Range in the vicinity.

For equestrian fans, the Awana Horse Ranch is just 2 km away from the Awana Golf & Country Resort. Horse riding lessons or joy rides are available at the ranch.

Other Recreational Facilities
" Gymnasium
" Tennis/squash/badminton courts
" Table tennis
" Swimming pools
" Sauna
" -16-lane bowling alley

Located at 1460 meters above sea level is Chin Swee Temple, a Chinese cave temple. Panoramic views of surrounding hills can be seen from here.

Eating Out
The Genting Highlands Resort offers a choice of over 35 different restaurants, from its plush restaurant, Genting Palace, to cozy food courts. Local as well as international cuisine and fast food are all available here.

After Dusk
Evenings bring out the best in entertainment at Genting Highlands Resort with high energy performances, and international shows at Genting International Showroom. There are also video arcades, one-armed bandits, cinemas, karaoke lounges, discotheques and other entertainment centers.
Genting is also well-known for its casino, the Casino de Genting, which offers Blackjack, baccarat, roulette, keno, French bull and Tai Sai. Visitors must be properly attired. Entrance is prohibited to Muslim visitors.

A wide choice of accommodation is available in the Genting Highlands ranging from camping sites to apartments, condominiums and hotels. Within Goh Tong Jaya, at the lower level, is the Awana Eco Park, a quiet natural area where camping grounds are based. Further up is the Awana Golf & Country Resort which would suit the golf-cum-nature lover. At the summit lie the Highlands Hotel, Genting Hotel, Resort Hotel and Theme Park Hotel, as well as the Ria and Kayangan apartment complexes. Together they provide a total of 3000 hotel rooms and 300 apartments for holiday makers. There are also other hotels such as Hotel Seri Malaysia and Selesa Health Homes at various levels of the hill.