Jun 1, 2009

::Negeri Sembilan::


FM from XY2 Group CARI

State Secretariat Building

Negeri Sembilan simply means 'Land of Nine States'. The name is so-called because it once comprised nine separate districts, each ruled by a Malay Chieftain. Seremban, its capital is easily accesible by road and rail to Kuala Lumpur, about 50 kilometres away. Among the main attractions of the town are the Cultural Handicraft complex, the State Museum, the State Mosque and the Lake Gardens.
The state is often associated with the influence of Minangkabau migrants from Sumatra who came during the settlement era into Malaya long ago. The settlement then led to its strong unique and distinctive characteristic, best seen in the architecture and styles reflected in the construction of buildings as well as homes. One unique feature is the horn-shaped roof. The Minangkabaus also brought with them their 'adat' or traditions, in particular the matrilineal kinship system. This system is evident until today especially in the marriage customs, ownership of property and dance forms.
The music and dance, though not widely practised today by the locals, is still an area which is a pride here. There are different types of songs and dances. The songs are mostly lively and fast beat. They mostly have a significant sound of metal-made hollow drums called the 'cak-lempong' in the background. The 'tarian lilin' (candle dance) is a popular dance among the Minagkabaus where the dancers dance in the dark, with candles lit on saucers placed on their palms being the only lights that could be seen. Then, there is also another interesting dance performance called the 'endang'. 'Endang' is a unique dance that requires the dancers to sit on the floor in a yoga position or what the Malays call 'bersila' and do synchronized rhythmic movements in accordance to the lively background music.
When you're in 'The Nine States', there are lots to explore as it is a perfect example of a modern state embraced by rich customs and traditions. Here is a good balance of old and new attractions. 


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