Jun 29, 2009


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Hard Rock Cafe Baltimore
Hard Rock Cafe Baltimore
Our historic building dates back to the site of the first Civil War battle. To commemorate yet another kind of battle— the ongoing battle of the bands— a strapping 68-foot neon guitar now adorns one of our towering smokestacks.
The Hard Rock Cafe Baltimore is a great place to enjoy spectacular American cuisine and refreshing beverages while being surrounded by rock 'n roll ambiance, including the strapping 68-foot neon guitar that adorns one of the cafe's towering smokestacks. You'll know right away where to find us- that thing can be seen from six miles away! Great d├ęcor doesn't stop there - inside our cafe you'll see a 1960 teal Cadillac hovering over the custom-designed bar, which is shaped like a Les Paul complete with inlaid handle.

A montage of musical instruments is also incorporated into our stained glass wall. If it's classic Maryland seafood you want, don't go overboard! We've got you covered on that front, too. There's always a catch of the day at our Maryland cafe, plus lots of other choices for dedicated carnivores or happy herbivores galore.