Jul 8, 2009

::Custom of Vietnam::


FM from Sis Liza Group CARI

Vietnam is a country of diversity. Different ethnic groups have contributed to the rich culture of Vietnam. People follow different languages, religions, rituals, traditions and cultural practices, but above all they are Vietnamese who respect and love their nation. Every custom of Vietnam shows that people lead a simple life.
Each custom of Vietnam stresses the importance of family in their social structure. The patriarchal joint families include four generations. The external matters are controlled by the men while the women take care of the household works. Children are supposed to live with their parents until they get married. It is their responsibility to look after their parents. They respect their ancestors.
Custom in Vietnam reveals the modesty of the people. Loud body movements during interaction with women are considered to be impolite. They are quite serious about their promises. They use their hands keeping their fingers down. Although marriage and funeral have been their chief ritual, yet they celebrate the birthday now a days. Drinking or smoking publicly are restricted. They smile modestly on being appreciated for something.
Vietnam custom recognize Vietnamese to be the main language. They put their family name first. They avoid physical contact in public specially among the opposite sex. So they bow down to greet each other.